Getting started financially

If you’re just starting out on your financial journey, perhaps you have started your first job and you want to make the most of your income and reduce debt, such as a HECS debt or personal loan.

We can help you establish a financial plan and a budget that addresses your investment, superannuation and insurance advice needs, which are the building blocks of your financial future and still have fun!

Meet Dave…

Having recently moved into a rented apartment, when he’s not at work, Dave enjoys exploring his local bars and social scene with his friends. His priorities at this point in his life are getting out and about, joining the local cycling club and playing golf. He also wants to travel overseas for a couple of months within the next two years.

Recently, Dave is finding that staying in control of his financial life is becoming quite challenging. Juggling his mobile and electricity bills, paying off credit cards and his HECS loan is stressful. He also received three superannuation fund statements from part time jobs he had whilst he was studying and found it quite confusing – he wondered if it would be easier to put it all together in one account.

Dave doesn’t know how to manage his financial stress and does not want to compromise his social life because this is important to him. His only experience with finances is the weekly allowance and money box he was given by his parents when he was younger. His parents weren’t experienced in financial management given their own limited incomes and often stretched financial position.

With a pay rise on the horizon, Dave decided he needed help to get his financial life sorted so that he could make the most of his income now to get the things he wanted and set himself up better for the future.

Dave made an appointment with a financial adviser who was able to spend time discussing his concerns and his financial goals. Together they set a plan that would get his finances organised so he could focus on his developing career and enjoy a healthy social life.

Seeking specialist financial advice provided Dave with the opportunity to work with someone who could help him:

  • review his financial situation
  • understand his cash flow and spending needs
  • get organised and set a budget that allows for paying off his debts with a bit left over
  • establish realistic savings goals
  • put savings, superannuation and insurances plans in place, and
  • stay in control, avoid the stress and enjoy his life.

If you’re like Dave and ready for good financial advice, we can help you create a financial plan that’s best for you. To get started give us a call today.